To Promote, develop and implement,
projects involving renewable energ


" Making renewable energy affordable.

Grupo Alumbra innovation and projects creating a more sustainable world for the past 15 years"

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In Grupo Alumbra we believe in a green future, emission free and sustainable both from an economic and environmental side.

The first step needed in order to reach that future is the decarbonization of the economy.

This is the reason why we are convinced that electricity must be the main vector of energy in the 21st century.

And we are focussed on generating that electricity from renewable and non contaminating sources.

This is why we are mainly specialized in the development of renewable energy projects, clean, sustainable and gas free emissions
And the way we do it is by starting projects from its conception: looking for the site, using the natural sources available and applying the optimum technology for the aforementioned source.

In parallel we also work to increase the energy efficiency, investing in intelligent solutions that allows any consumer to make the best decision related to his energy consumption.

And we anticipate the future looking for and defining technological and innovative solutions that will facilitate electric mobility affordable for everyone.


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